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Our Comedy Podcasts to Learn English

Our podcasts to learn English are released every week. They are designed for adults and have a very special type of humour. They are designed for learners of the English language with an intermediate or advanced level.

The language is very common, you won’t find useless academic expressions that nobody except bad English teachers and the Queen use here.

We also release a quick dictation every week for you to actively improve your listening comprehension. The dictations are always funny and strange stories.

Some of the weekly series you’ll find on our podcasts are:

Learn English with Two Old Men Podcast

Learn English with Two Old Men is a fictional podcast about two old men who talk about what has happened to them that week.
They are: Alfred, who started the podcast just to get out of the house and away from his wife and Geoffrey, who often doesn’t know where he is and usually gets into trouble.

Learn English with Crazy Stories Podcast

In every episode of Learn English with Crazy Stories a story will be read out by a reader (fictional). They are usually a little crazy and unbelievable. They are the type of stories you would find in a lifestyle magazine. Some stories are of an adult nature.

Learn English with Celebrity Interviews Podcast

In every episode of Learn English with Celebrity Interviews Podcast, our interviewer will travel back in time to meet a famous person. However, due to the limitations with his time-machine, he can only ask 5 questions before he has to return to the present.

Chuckle English Quick Dictations

As well as the weekly podcast, we also have a weekly dictation. The dictations are short and funny mini-stories. The idea is to also help you with your English listening comprehension in a more active way, so that you can see exactly what you don’t understand. For subscribers on our Patreon website, they get an extra dictation every week.

How can I learn English with the podcasts?

The podcasts are designed to help improve pronunciation and listening comprehension, which is the main part of communication. If you have an intermediate or advanced level of English, you probably know most of the grammar and need to listen as much as possible to improve your listening comprehension. You can do this passively with the podcasts and actively with the dictations.Look at the How? page to learn how to improve your English with out material.

Where can I listen to the podcast?

You can find the podcasts on all major podcast / music streaming websites.
Either search for Chuckle English podcast or click one of the following buttons:


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