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I’ll correct your spoken English and pronunciation

I also can help with your speaking and pronunciation at

Whether you are learning for fun or for work this is a great opportunity to get professional feedback from an experienced English teacher who can help you with your pronunciation and grammar when speaking.

More about how it works

I will correct and provide helpful feedback of your spoken English by first looking at the grammar and pronunciation,  then providing feedback with useful hints.  This is the best way to improve your spoken English and pronunciation.   Come learn English with me!

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1. I’m an experienced Native English teacher from the UK with over 15 years of experience.
2. I will correct and provide feedback regarding your grammar / sentences.
3. I will also provide feedback and help regarding pronunciation*
4. All done with care by myself.
5. I can listen, correct and provide feedback on any type of audio, such as important presentations, speeches, exam practice, general English, etc…
6. All you have to do is send me an audio recording of your text recorded by yourself.

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