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How you can learn English with our podcasts


The podcasts are designed to be funny and be accessible to people learning English with an intermediate or advanced level.

What you need.

  • A book for pronunciation (to write all words that you didn’t understand or misunderstand)
  • An optional book for vocabulary. This is to write down sentences with new words you learn.
  • To subscribe to our podcasts. Find out how to subscribe here.

Podcast Instructions

  1. Listen to the podcasts 1 or 2. (DON’T read the transcript).
  2. Read the transcript after listening.
  3. If you understand a word while reading, but didn’t understand it while listening, you have issues to pronounce / identify this word.
  4. Find any words from step 3 in an online dictionary such as the Cambridge dictionary. Listen to the word, try to reproduce it. Write the word down in your book you have got for pronunciation. If you understand phonetics, write the phonetics down with the word.
  5. Leave a few days / a week, then record yourself saying the words. Compare your recording of the word with the online dictionary. If they are the same, well done, you have improved!
  6. Listen again to the podcast. You should identify more of the words that you wrote down in step 4.


You can also use the podcasts for dictations to see exactly what you didn’t understand and also, words that you misunderstand (you understand something different). The instructions for using the podcasts as dictations are:

  1. Listen to only 30-40 seconds maximum pausing at every natural break.
  2. Try and write everything you hear at the same time as you listen.
  3. Repeat the audio a maximum of twice.
  4. After listening twice, read the transcript (the text).
  5. If you understood anything different to what was said, it is probably because you misunderstood the word. Write this word AND the word that you understood in a book for pronunciation. Find the phonetics of the word in an online dictionary such as Cambridge.
  6. If there are any words that you don’t understand when reading, these are new words to learn as vocabulary. Write them down using sentences in a book that you have for vocabulary.
  7. Listen again, don’t look at the text and see if you understand some of the words that you wrote down in your book for pronunciation.
  8. Practice the words in your book another week.
  9. When you want to do more dictation practice, continue where you stopped, the previous time.

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